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Getting your printer machine delivered

We offer a same day service for any company needing an emergency printer with Sydney CBD.

If your not in the CBD but need a new machine urgently we can meet your needs there will be an extra cost associated however there can be a new machine at your door within 24 hours guaranteed. If your looking at your options it can be important to get several quaotes let us quote on the job and see how much cheaper we can be especially if your business is within Sydney CBD.

We believe in high high quality service and also believe in providing an excellent photocopier device.

If your business is small do not worry we have just the solution for your office needs. Genrally if you print more than 50 pages a day it is worth leasing a device. Buying your own toners can be problematic and expensive. If you have waited for days for delivery and not been able to use your printer during this time our service is excellent. We know what you have had fustrations with and we have put together a system to help you the consumer always have toner at hand.